November 13, 2008

Is Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) Killing Your Affiliate Sales?

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by: Mike Snyder

Have you noticed a drop in affiliate sales since Microsoft’s Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) was released? I have and I didn’t really know why until my wife, kids, and friends started asking me why their computer wasn’t working right.

While using Internet Explorer my son said, “Dad, nothing happens when I click on this link.” I scratched my head for a minute and thought, “he isn’t doing anything different, the only thing I recently installed was XP SP2”; then the light went off … one of SP2’s features is the incorporation of a pop-up blocker. After installing SP2, links that normally opened in a new window now don’t open at all. The immediate way around it is to hold down the control key (Ctrl) then click the link or right click the link and select “Open in New Window”. To permanently turn off IE’s pop-up blocker, click Tools > Pop-up Blocker > Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.

So how does all this relate to lost affiliate sales?

If you have your affiliate links set to open in a new browser window, they are considered “pop-ups” by the post-SP2 Internet Explorer and many other pop-up stopping programs. The average Internet surfer with pop-up blocking software or SP2 installed will simply go to another site because they think the link does not work. If they do not see your affiliate product/page, they will obviously not buy what you are selling. Since the pop-up blocking feature is more-or-less automatic with SP2, you potentially lose a customer when they upgrade their copy of Internet Explorer.

Why would anyone set their affiliate links to open in a new window?

I have heard both positive and negative reasons to open links in new windows. The main reason to do it is to avoid losing customers by sending them away from your page with no way to get back. That is what I used to do until today.

How can I tell which links open in a new window (generate a pop-up)?

A lesson in Html is beyond the scope of this article but, in general, if you do not have any tags after the URL in the HREF tag, you are not generating pop-ups. If you have a target=”_blank” after the URL, it will open in a new window and is considered a pop-up.

What is an easy way to fix my links?

If you only have a few pages to fix, just edit them by hand. Pages with many pop-up links can be easily edited in Notepad or other software with a search and replace option. Simply replace target=”_blank” with target=”_top” (or target=”_self”, target=”_parent” if you are using frames). If you have a lot of files to change, try ReplaceEm ( ), a freeware program that replaces text strings in multiple files and directories.

The bottom line:

It may just be a coincidence but this morning I changed the majority of my links so they do not open in a new window and saw my affiliate commissions as well as overall site traffic jump within hours!


10 Simple Ways To Speed Up Your Windows XP

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by: Andrew Zarudnev

1. Defrag Disk to Speed Up Access to Data

One of the factors that slow the performance of the computer is disk fragmentation. When files are fragmented, the computer must search the hard disk when the file is opened to piece it back together. To speed up the response time, you should monthly run Disk Defragmenter, a Windows utility that defrags and consolidates fragmented files for quicker computer response.

* Follow Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter
* Click the drives you want to defrag and click Analyze
* Click Defragment

2. Detect and Repair Disk Errors

Over time, your hard disk develops bad sectors. Bad sectors slow down hard disk performance and sometimes make data writing difficult or even impossible. To detect and repair disk errors, Windows has a built-in tool called the Error Checking utility. It’ll search the hard disk for bad sectors and system errors and repair them for faster performance.

* Follow Start > My Computer
* In My Computer right-click the hard disk you want to scan and click Properties
* Click the Tools tab
* Click Check Now
* Select the Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors check box
* Click Start

3. Disable Indexing Services

Indexing Services is a little application that uses a lot of CPU. By indexing and updating lists of all the files on the computer, it helps you to do a search for something faster as it scans the index list. But if you know where your files are, you can disable this system service. It won’t do any harm to you machine, whether you search often or not very often.

* Go to Start
* Click Settings
* Click Control Panel
* Double-click Add/Remove Programs
* Click the Add/Remove Window Components
* Uncheck the Indexing services
* Click Next
4. Optimize Display Settings

Windows XP is a looker. But it costs you system resources that are used to display all the visual items and effects. Windows looks fine if you disable most of the settings and leave the following:

* Show shadows under menus
* Show shadows under mouse pointer
* Show translucent selection rectangle
* Use drop shadows for icons labels on the desktop
* Use visual styles on windows and buttons

5. Speedup Folder Browsing

You may have noticed that everytime you open My Computer to browse folders that there is a little delay. This is because Windows XP automatically searches for network files and printers everytime you open Windows Explorer. To fix this and to increase browsing speed, you can disable the “Automatically search for network folders and printers” option.

6. Disable Performance Counters

Windows XP has a performance monitor utility which monitors several areas of your PC’s performance. These utilities take up system resources so disabling is a good idea.

* Download and install the Extensible Performance Counter List (
* Then select each counter in turn in the ‘Extensible performance counters’ window and clear the ‘performance counters enabled’ checkbox at the bottom button below

7. Optimize Your Pagefile

You can optimize your pagefile. Setting a fixed size to your pagefile saves the operating system from the need to resize the pagefile.

* Right click on My Computer and select Properties
* Select the Advanced tab
* Under Performance choose the Settings button
* Select the Advanced tab again and under Virtual Memory select Change
* Highlight the drive containing your page file and make the initial Size of the file the same as the Maximum Size of the file.

Windows XP sizes the page file to about 1.5X the amount of actual physical memory by default. While this is good for systems with smaller amounts of memory (under 512MB) it is unlikely that a typical XP desktop system will ever need 1.5 X 512MB or more of virtual memory. If you have less than 512MB of memory, leave the page file at its default size. If you have 512MB or more, change the ratio to 1:1 page file size to physical memory size.

8. Remove Fonts for Speed

Fonts, especially TrueType fonts, use quite a bit of system resources. For optimal performance, trim your fonts down to just those that you need to use on a daily basis and fonts that applications may require.

* Open Control Panel
* Open Fonts folder
* Move fonts you don’t need to a temporary directory (e.g. C:\FONTBKUP?) just in case you need or want to bring a few of them back. The more fonts you uninstall, the more system resources you will gain.

9. Use a Flash Memory to Boost Performance

To improve performance, you need to install additional RAM memory. It’ll let you boot your OS much quicker and run many applications and access data quicker. There is no easiest and more technically elegant way to do it than use eBoostr (

eBoostr is a little program that lets you improve a performance of any computer, powered by Windows XP in much the same way as Vista’s ReadyBoost. With eBoostr, if you have a flash drive, such as a USB flash thumb drive or an SD card, you can use it to make your computer run better. Simply plug in a flash drive through a USB socket and Windows XP will use eBoostr to utilize the flash memory to improve performance.

The product shows the best results for frequently used applications and data, which becomes a great feature for people who are using office programs, graphics applications or developer tools. It’ll surely attract a special attention of laptop owners as laptop upgrade is usually more complicated and laptop hard drives are by definition slower than those of desktops.

10. Perform a Boot Defragment

There’s a simple way to speed up XP startup: make your system do a boot defragment, which will put all the boot files next to one another on your hard disk. When boot files are in close proximity to one another, your system will start faster.

On most systems, boot defragment should be enabled by default, but it might not be on yours, or it might have been changed inadvertently. To make sure that boot defragment is enabled:

* Run the Registry Editor
* Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Dfrg\BootOptimizeFunction
* Set the Enable string value to Y if it is not already set to Y.
* Exit the Registry
* Reboot

Hope you find these 10 tips useful. Have a nice day!

Mario Online Games With An Internet Connection And A Computer

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by: Aiden Zapora

Anyone who has heard of the company called Nintendo is likely familiar with their mascot character Mario. Some people wish they could go back and play their favorite video games they played when they were younger; not realizing it is possible to play those great games again today.

Unlike when we were younger, you no longer need an expensive game console or special controllers to play the games that you have always loved. Playing mario online games ( is just one of the many things you can do online, from home, with the computer you already use every day.

It is not difficult to find mario online games. Simply perform a search on your favorite search engine and you will discover numerous games featuring both Mario and his brother Luigi. Often mario online games can be utilized by just logging into a gaming site. On other sites it will be necessary to download online games ( so that you can play them when you are offline.

In fact, besides mario online games, you can find many other types of games on the Internet. One type of game, rpg online games (, are becoming more and more common. Rpg stands for role playing games. This is where you become a fictional character and complete the game through the eyes of that character. Sometime you have the choice of which character you want to be, and sometimes you get to create a character from scratch. It all depends on which game you choose.

Just like the famous Sims series of video games, role playing games are similar in that your character can choose a job and go about everyday activities just like any normal person. As you earn money or meet online friends, you can buy new possessions just like a person would in the real world.

Other role playing games work on a more limited level in that the character has a task to perform. It may be saving a treasure or destroying an enemy, but once the task is done you (as your character) move on to the next task or find you have completed the game. In any case, online games of all types are becoming more and more popular these days as the technology improves.

Pointers For Choosing Your Laptop Computer

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by: David Burton

Pointers for buying a laptop.

If you’re thinking of buying a laptop computer there are undoubtedly some great deals to be found, but what should you be looking for when you’re in the market for a updated or even your first laptop computer.

Well, it’s always worth sitting down with a pen and paper and thinking about exactly what you need your new laptop computer to do. If you’re simply going to use it for word processing and the odd email here and there you don’t need the super fast processor and hard drive that can hold thousands of files, so don’t let a slick salesman tell you otherwise that’s just going to hurt your pocket.

If it’s a family laptop computer you’re in the market for you’ll want a good all rounder. kidshave a great knack of loading games and other large applications onto a PC without you knowing. which can really effect performance for when you need it for more important things like business or your own games. So make sure you get a good-sized hard drive and a good amount of ram.

Regardless of the type of laptop computer you’re in the market for make sure you explain to the salesman exactly what you need it for ( ie is it for the home or on the road). More often than not they’ll be able to show you in the right direction, but make sure you only spend an amount you’re happy with.

If you’re an online shopper then there are some great deals to be found, so just make sure you conduct proper research before jumping in to make that purchase. You’ll probably see a lot of adverts for the newest laptop computer on the market , Buying a laptop computer , its just like anything else , make sure you do a good amount of research, be clear about the amount you want to spend and weigh up your options.

Laptop computer

Symantec Norton Antibot The Latest In Norton Computer Protection Software

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by: Lisa Carey

It seems like every other month a new “program” comes along to make our lives that much easier. For example, first we could bookmark favorites, and then RSS feed them, and then came widgets and now “bots” which are robots that do a lot of our computer work for us in the background. Examples of friendly bots are weather bots, game playing bots, instant messaging and my favorites are those on AOL Instant Messenger which do all kinds of functions for me like shop, find movie times and even give updates on the Wall Street Journal.

Unfortunately not all bots were created “equal.” Some are friendly and some are not. The ones that are not friendly can be a form of malware that allows control of your computer to be released, providing hackers with the opportunity to access your information and spread harmful bots to others. This type of computer virus can then be used to spread spam and commit various types of identity theft and other online fraud.

So with new threats to our computers and information, new methods of protection are required. One of the oldest and most well known software protection designers has recently released a new protection program, Symantec Norton AntiBot. This is a software product designed to prevent the hijacking of one’s personal computer by bots and uses the bots on design programs against them, to located and destroy them.

Many people already employ some form of protection on their personal computer, such as increasing the protection level from internet information to “high.” But these cannot detect some of the most recent bot programs and may not be the most efficient means of information protection, especially with the Internet being used more and more frequently for online shopping, ticket purchases, travel and other “high risk” activities.

A more effective method of detecting and eliminating threats caused by bots is to install software designed specifically to detect, destroy and prevent bots from having access to your computer. With Symantec Norton AntiBot software, protection against bots is enhanced several times and the threat of bot attack is greatly diminished. It’s program protects against bots by blocking bots from entering your computer through downloads and e-mail attachments (two of the common ways bots enter a personal computer), checking for any unusual behavior on your personal computer and eliminating it, and detecting malicious bot software at all levels; keeping your personal, financial and credit card information safe and stopping identify theft before it can occur.

Because bots operate in the background and are not detectable by antivirus or antispyware programs, many computer users are completely unaware that their personal computer has become infected. Many problems caused by bots go undetected until it is too late. Warning signs that your computer may have been accessed include: slowness of computer speed and unusual or irrelevant error messages. However, many times com these symptoms are sporadic and computer users will take little notice. Many people will continue to use their personal computer, unaware that bots have hijacked their personal computer and are slowly at work; looking for credit card numbers, passwords, and logon information which can be used for identity theft and in committing other types of online crime. This program scans your personal computer on a continuous basis, closing the gaps that could allow bots to infect your personal computer and better ensuring that bots do not invade and gain control.

The use of Symantec Norton AntiBot to determine what a harmful or useful bot and allows you to continue using those bots you love and have come to depend on for information and services. It can be used in addition to several other antivirus and antispyware programs. Its compatibility is not limited to only Norton products.

The cost of this software is $29.95 for one year of service. It was awarded PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award (2007) and underwent rigorous testing which included using AntiBot on computers with existing threats as well as allowing threats to try to access the computer after installation.

With the growing threat of identity theft and credit card fraud Symantec Norton AntiBot offers an additional level of protection needed to combat the threat of bots and prevent them from turning one’s personal computer into a robotic that turns into an instrument of destruction to both your personal and financial well-being.

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